Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters
PO Box 575
Celeron,N.Y. 14720
Official Points / Cookie Jar  Entry Form

  July 2 on Chautautauqua Lake Lakewood Launch (6am-12pm)

  September 2 on Chautautauqua Lake Lakewood Launch (630am-1230pm)

  August 12 on Chautautauqua Lake Lakewood Launch (6am-12pm)

  September 17 on Chautautauqua Lake Lakewood Launch (630am-1230pm)


                Check the appropriate line above, complete the entrant information below, sign and return this

 Official Points / Draw Tournament Entry Form with full payment of

 ($25.00) which includes Big Bass Pot to the address above. 

Entry deadline is 5:00pm the Tuesday prior each tournament.   No late entries will be accepted.

***You must be on the water, ready for take off, no later than 15 minutes prior the tournament start time***

Name:  (Boater or Non-boater
City:   State: Zip:
Phone: Days,Evenings
Signature: ______________________________________  Date:___________

Boater Information

   By the Entrants signature above, entrants declare that they are familiar with the tournament rules and that they will abide by them.  The Entrants signatures above also release the Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters, itís Officers, Members, Agents, Employees, the Sponsors, Tournament Officials and other Contestants from all claims for injuries and liabilities, death

and /or damages from the entrant or entrants family members that may be sustained by reason of participating in, or in conjunction with the tournament. Parent or legal guardian must also sign for entrant less than eighteen (18) years old.

For additional information contact, Trevor Graham,

Tournament Director @ 716-720-6498