The Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters was founded in 1987 with the idea of getting a group of weekend anglers as well as serious, everyday anglers together for some fun, comradery, competition, and sharing ideas about the sport of bass fishing.
The club was originally named the World Bass Association. Starting with just a few members, interest began to rise quite rapidly. As the word got around that such a club in the area existed, membership began to climb. The jon boats and the aluminum v-hulls were gradually replaced by the bigger and better bass boats. The club then became affiliated with the ABA (American Bass Association) no longer the World Bass Association, we began working on getting to be a chapter of the New York Bass Federation. That finally accomplished, new rules and by-laws were implemented. A real sense of organization started to take place.

Membership was sky rocketing as more and more people became aware of our existence. More and more bass boats were being seen in the club. People from all over western N.Y. were joining. Our tournament sites were being met with more participation.

The current Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters, hold a number of events during the year, from a list of open events allowing anyone (non-members as well as members) to fish competitively.

Other events include Youth Fishing Contest held annually at Celeron Park ,Guy & Gal tournaments, flipping contests, swap meets, and annual awards banquets.
  Check out the new tournament schedule, and past tournaments with their results, who's leading for angler for the year, who's got more points, or how many fish were caught and how much did they weigh. You can also get applications for membership, and tournament applications online.