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Chautauqua Lake Crappie Tournament

2017 Official Rules


By your participation in this tournament, you agree to comply with the following rules and agree to submit to and pass a POLYGRAPH TEST, as requested, or similar truth test in order to qualify for the receipt of any prize. 


Rules:  The following rules will be used for this tournament.  The Tournament Director will interpret these rules and all decisions are final.


Participants: You may enter alone or with a partner of your choice.  All team members must be at least 16 years of age or older unless they are fishing with a parent or guardian. If a team consists of one (1) angler, he/she must pay the full $50.00 team entry fee.


Fees and Payback:  Entry fee for each tournament will be $50.00 per boat/team.  There will be a 80% payback at the tournament. 

Big Crappie Pot is included in the entry and there will be a 100% payback in the Big Crappie Pot.


Entering:  All contestants must read the tournament rules, pay entry fee, fill out and sign an entry form.


Tournament Hours:  All contestants MUST check-in prior to the start of the tournament (5:00am to 5:45am the morning of the tournament).  Tournament hours are from 6:00am until 1:00pm.  All contestants MUST check-in to the weigh-in by 1:00pm.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Take-Off:  All contestants must pre-register.  Registration will be from 5:00am to 5:45am the morning of the tournament.   You may launch from any site on Chautauqua Lake but no fishing may start until 6:00am.


Pre-Tournament Practice:  Practice is allowed until midnight the day of the tournament.


Permitted Fishing Locations:  All areas that can be legally fished are open to contestants.  All current state laws will be followed concerning fishing location, minimum fish length and fishing methods.


Tackle and Equipment:  Fish must be caught from a boat. Fish must be caught on rod and reel.  The use of artificial or live bait is acceptable.  Current state laws must be followed concerning the numbers of rods and reels used by each team member.


Check-In Procedure:  Each team must be back at the weigh in site no later than 1:00pm.  YOU MAY TRANSPORT YOUR FISH IN A WATER FILLED COOLER VIA A VEHICLE BACK TO THE WEIGH IN SITE  A late penalty of one pound per minute will be used after 1:00pm.  After the period of ten (10) minutes, the late team will be disqualified, NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Weigh-in Procedure:  Once you have submitted your numbered card, you will receive a plastic weigh-in bag.  Retrieve your fish from your live well and bring fish with water in the bag to the weigh-in. 


Live well and Fish Care:  This is a live fish  tournament.  All fish are to be kept in an aerated live well or aerated cooler during tournament hours.   There will be a four-ounce penalty for any dead fish weighed in.  You may keep your catch after fish are weighed in.


Kill Switch and Life Jackets:  Kill switches are recommended.  Life jackets MUST be worn when the combustion engine is running.


Alcohol and Illegal Drugs:  No alcohol or illegal drugs will be permitted during tournament hours.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Scoring:  Allowable tournament fish are CRAPPIE.  All crappie must measure at least NINE (9) inches to be weighed-in. Each team is allowed to weigh-in TEN (10) crappie per team.  All fish will be measured on a flat measuring board with mouth closed.  The total weigh per team will determine place of finish.  Big fish will break any ties.  Any frozen or mangled fish brought to the weigh-in will result in the team being disqualified.  Any team bringing fish to the weigh-in under the NINE (9) inch length limit will have one pound subtracted from their total weight plus the lose of the short fish.


Protests:  All protests MUST be filed with the Tournament Director with-in ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the weigh-in.