Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters


Chautauqua Lake Bass Masters

Meeting notes; 1/8/19

12 members in attendance. 1 Guest.

Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.

Reminders 2019 officers are as follows.

1. President Bill Hice

2. Vice President John Conlley

3. Tournament Director Matt Fish

4. Treasure Bob Walburg

5. Secretary Mike Russo

Treasures Report was reviewed and approved.

Special presentation from Andy Ohl concerning weed harvesting and herbicides.

Motion was approved to publicly support Fishing Alliance groups

Motion was approved for members to help support placing of fish cribs in April 2019

Motion approved to move forward with Walleye Tournament on new date of May 5th

Motion approved to move Crappie Tournament to May 19th.

Motion was approved for Kara (Fish) to take over Web Master

Chautauqua Lake bass masters Honored Years of Service and support from Chuck Angelo Thank you for all your hard work.



Next Meeting will be February 12th at the See-Zurh Hourse at 7 PM.

Reminder, No alcohol is to be consumed during meetings.



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