Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters 2017 Tournament Procedures


Welcome to the 2017 tournament season.  Hopefully, everyone will have a great year.  Enclosed in this packet are the tournament rules, procedures, entry forms, and schedule.   

The format will be as follows:


Point Tournaments:  (Members Only)



Scoring for Points Tournaments:

and 2nd place prize money.  If two (2) tie for 10th place, each will receive 91 points and so on.


$40.00 per angler - Points Tournaments

(This includes $5 Big Bass)

37% 1st place

26% 2nd place

17% 3rd place

20% club tournament expenses


Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters 2017 Tournament Procedures


Open Team Tournaments:



Entry Fee / Payout for Bass Open Team                               Entry Fee / Payout for Crappie Open Team

       Member-Guest Invitational                                                                $50.00 per Team          

$100.00 per team                                                                                      

     (This includes Big Bass)                                                                (This includes Big Crappie)                                                             

             37% 1st place                                                                             37% 1st place

             26% 2nd place                                                                            26% 2nd place

             17% 3rd place                                                                            17% 3rd place

            20% club tournament expenses                                                   20% club tournament expenses


Member Guest Invitational


On June 24th, 2017 (Free fishing weekend) we will be having our First Member-Guest Invitational. This should be a fun event to bring your son, daughter, or best fishing buddy to get them interested into tournament angling or just have a fun day on the water.


Chautauqua Lake Bassmasters 2017 Tournament Procedures



Club Classic:



Cash payback will be a minimum of

$250.00 1st place

$150.00 2nd place

$100.00 3rd place

based on the club funding


Cookie Jar Tournaments

There will be four(4) scheduled cookie jar tournaments out of Lakewood launch. These are non-club associated no points   FUN tournaments.


Please Help Out… once you have your boat out of the water, go back to the

dock, get the vehicle keys of another angler and get their

vehicle/trailer to help them get out of the water. This will greatly speed up the weigh in procedure.